About Us

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the home embracing every aspect of a family atmosphere in whatever environment. We like to make sure that children become useful and positive members of the society regardless of their background.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring hope to the hopeless. To help children and women also orphaned by AIDS, and other causes of death to guardians and parents. We also help those deluded by experiences of isolation or abuse to realize that they can pick piece up and live the meaningful life.


  • To provided temporal shelter to abused women of any race creed or religion.
  • It is to create safe and warm environmental home for at least twenty abandon children plus 4 helpers .
  • To serve as the place of safety on weekends for victims of domestic violence, especially for women and children.
  • Create a financially viable organization

Siyazigabisa Home of Hope for Children, Youth and Community Organisation is located in Tembisa.. It is an Organisation that is dedicating the efforts in every manner in making the differences in lives of the under privilege, victims of violence and the abandon. It is propelled by powerful mind of the powerful pioneer of love life Gab;sile Khoza. The child is a child because of the village. To save the nation a child must be saved . The service in the nation is due patriots who patronizes its endeavor and sovereignty. Tembisa is the second largest township in in Gauteng Province. Tembisa is about five miles from the major Airport known as OR Tambo airport. OR Tambo Airport was once known as Johannesburg International Airport. It is the main airport in Gauteng Province and is the largest airport in South Africa as the whole.

Siyazigabisa Home of Hope for Children, Youth and Community Organisation is located in in Tembisa at Isivana Location. The name it self Tembisa means Promise and the name of the location where the home of hope is located is Isivana meaning the Garden.

The population in Tembisa is little exceeding two and half million in population :-/+ 2.5 million. The inflation is forcing young mothers to abandon their offspring and the elders depends on pension.

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