Siyazigabisa Home of Hope for Children, Youth and Community Organization.

"Take care of the child for the child is the future investment –Bring hope to the hopeless"


First of all the name Siyazigabisa, (means that we are proud of who we are). The name was meant to shoot two birds by one stone. At first it is the name of empowerment movement for abandon kids, distorted or runaways youth and abused women, it also serve as the name of the Organizations of the underprivileged people and empowerment program. Despite hardships and tribulations confronted the organisation with, the hope is an ever inspiring flame based on faith and believe that with God on our side we will manage.

The engagement was never easy but Siyazigabisa Home of Hope was established through hard times. Where kids and abused women were roaming the streets with no one to cry to. That was when Gab’sile Khoza the pioneer of crime fighter and peace restorer a community builder from a single room shack in Nxiweni Section at Tembisa (South Africa) started what really inspired the need to engagement by the nation.

What really inspired Gab’sile Khoza to establish Siyazigabisa Home of Hope for Children, Youth and Community was to help the victims of violence and abuse. Siyazigabisa Home of Hope is a shelter to orphans, runaways and battered women. Single handed Gab’sile Khoza managed to save many more kids and united many families, she also got education as the counselor. She counsel and empower all those who feels shattered and shamble by all sorts of tribulations and adversaries.
Siayazigabisa Home of Hope is a mother body to many rising organizations within the community.


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