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The lime slurry mixing tank can be attached to the pumps (skid mounted) or can stand alone, either way it is up to the user to determine what level of automation and security he/she would like on their lime slurry system (automatic or manual). Lime slurry is a highly effective, low cost alkali that is easy to feed, monitor, and control.

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lime slurry solutions, however, becomes prohibitive for installations requiring a continuous, high volume supply, typically greater than 45 kgs/hr (100 lbs/hr). To help alleviate this cost, on-site slaking or hydration is the ideal solution. The Series A-758 lime slaker provides for reliable, efficient slaking of various grades of quicklime (CaO)

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The superior paste-type slaking technology consistently produces a higher strength and more reactive lime slurry resulting in more efficient and more economical use of the quicklime. Systems are factory assembled and tested for quick and easy installation, and include options for lime feed and grit removal.

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City of Titusville Invitation for Bid Bid No. 11-B-029 Page 5 of 40 Lime Feeding & Slaking System GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. Receipt of Bids - Due Date: Sealed bids (one original and two copies) shall be submitted to the office of the Purchasing Agent no later than the date and time specified.

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A lime slaking and addition system can consists of two systems to control the pH in the rougher and cleaner flotation circuits.A pebble lime silo will dose dry lime to the SAG mill feed belt; a hydrated lime make down system will provide slurry lime to multiple addition points in the flotation circuit. Other lime delivery options are detention slakers and Verti-mill slakers.

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Besides the lime slaker itself, Sodimate can also supply the complete "upstream" storage and feed system. We engineer fully integrated dry storage and handling equipment for quick & hydrated lime, lime milk, and lime slurries, with uses ranging from water treatment to glass fabrication to road construction.

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tinuous control of paste consistency and, therefore, the slaking process. Variations in lime quality and feed rate are quickly recognized and the optimum slaking rate is maintained, without operator intervention. Integrated System Design The pre-engineered A-758 lime slaker system is available with a …

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Attention : never switch off mixers in tanks n° 1 and 2 when they still contain lime slurry as the lime will settle and solidify. quick lime granules (0-20 mm) A paste slaker can be used when it includes a fixed horizontal trough slaking chamber with a blade mixing system and a dilution chamber and mechanical removal of impurities.

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A PSX heater can be installed upstream of a lime slaking system. Our internally modulated steam control assures rapid + complete condensation of the steam.

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Lime Slaking Systems. Fully customizable in terms of equipment supply, layout and site conditions, Westpro's Lime Slaking Systems offer an optimized, turnkey slaking solution for your project. Final Assembly of a Detention-Type Lime Slaking System in the Westpro Shop


Lime Slaking Systems offer an optimized, turnkey slaking solution for your project. DETENTION-TYPE Westpro's Detention-Type slakers have been engineered to handle pebble as well as fine lime. Our PLC based control system provides a safe and trouble free operation while functioning at peak productivity. ADVANTAGES High reactivity product

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The Tekkem Slaker is fully automatic, requiring little or no regular operator attention. The proven RDP-Tekkem operating system takes input from load cells to precisely monitor the water weight and lime weight that are added to make a batch of lime. This information is combined with data from a thermocouple and then used by the program.

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Modular Lime Slaking Systems 6.2 TPD Lime Slaking System with enclosed bag breaking hopper and hydrated lime storage tank Westpro's Custom Lime Slaking Systems incorporate a combination of Westpro's products including detention slakers, grinding mills, vibrating screens, VP …

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Chemco's Quicklime Slaking System utilizes pebble lime's higher neutralization capacity based on tonnage to provide storage, dry feed, slaking of quicklime, and the delivery of the resultant hydrated lime slurry to the process point.

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A lime slaker system for converting quicklime to a lime slurry includes: a lime feeder; a base slaker that includes a slaking chamber and a dilution chamber; a grit remover; and a modular water panel with a piping assembly in fluid communication with at least the base slaker and grit remover. The modular water panel is configured to independently control water distributed to the slaking ...

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lime slaking system for sale - 518 - lime slaking system wholesalers & lime slaking system manufacturers from China manufacturers. Get Price And Support Online; Factors Affecting Lime Slaking | STT Enviro Corp. . STT has spent years researching the factors affecting lime slaking reactivity, both in the field and in the lab. We've found that ...

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Burning (calcination) of these minerals in a lime kiln converts them into the highly caustic material burnt lime, unslaked lime or quicklime (calcium oxide) and, through subsequent addition of water, into the less caustic (but still strongly alkaline) slaked lime or hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH) 2), the process of which is called ...

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Clean, Accurate, Simple, Easy to Maintain The RDP-Tekkem Slaker's accuracy is made possible by the load cells ability to precisely add a predetermined amount of lime to a predetermined amount of water so that the chemical reaction of slaking can be performed under optimum conditions.


An Overview Of Lime Slaking And Factors That Affect The Process By: Mohamad Hassibi Chemco Systems, L.P. November 1999 Revision 1 – February 2009 ABSTRACT Since lime slaking is an integral part of treatment systems in water, wastewater, air pollution, and process industries, its performance will influence the overall effectiveness

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Hydrated lime (or calcium hydroxide, or slaked lime) is usually a dry powder resulting from the controlled slaking of quicklime with water. The exothermic or released heat of reaction is captured and used to evaporate the excess slaking water. High calcium quicklime readily reacts with water to form hydrated lime.

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This is where MERRICK's experience in the design and manufacture of lime feeding and lime slaking systems comes into play. For economic reasons, on-site conversion of CaO, calcium oxide (also called quicklime or pebble lime) is preferred to purchasing hydrated lime.


Our lime slaking plant constitutes a system for manufacturing lime milk from quicklime and water. The plant can be designed to function by the batch or continuously. Page 1 of 4 H 2 O STORAGE DOSING UNIT LIME SLAKING TANK STORAGE TANK AreAs of use 1.1 Procedure 1.2 Hydrated lime has a very broad spectrum of applications in environmental ...

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MixTank. Mixtank/Batch type slakers are best suited to applications in which the lime slaking rate is relatively low and the quicklime and water sources do not change. They are by far the least expensive to install, but come at a cost of efficiency and quality of lime slurry produced.

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Series A758 Plus. UGSI Chemical Feed Series A-758 Plus Lime Slaking system provides reliable, efficient slaking of various grades of quicklime (CaO) at a substantial savings over other slaking methods. Our paste-type lime slaker produces a higher strength and more reactive paste resulting in more efficient use of lime.

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The IMS Lime Slaker Systems provide continuous high volume lime slurries (up to 8,000 lbs/hour) for industrial and municipal process pH adjustment, flocculation, and chemical reaction. The superior paste-type slaking technology consistently produces a higher strength and more reactive lime slurry ...

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To learn more about our lime slakers, gravimetric feeders, conveyor belt scales, flow meter systems, and other custom engineered dynamic weighing and feeding solutions, contact MERRICK. We'll help you select the slaking system that best meets your needs and …

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LIME SLAKING Lime slaking is the process of converting quicklime to hydrated lime (CaO + H20 -> Ca(OH)2) with the use of water. This chemical reaction is an exothermic reaction which denotes that during the reaction, heat is expelled from the slurry which produces some steam.

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Staff at the 22 mgd surface water lime softening treatment plant in Bloomington, IL, have gained much closer control of pH, with consequent tighter control over turbidity and other operating parameters, through replacement of a paste-type lime slaking system with a more advanced technology that features precise regulation of the slaking reaction and slurry dilution.

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Factors Affecting Lime Slaking. STT has spent years researching the factors affecting lime slaking reactivity, both in the field and in the lab. We've found that poorly-slaked lime can have a major negative impact on lime slurry consumption, annual quicklime cost, and the operating cost of your system.


LIME SLAKING SYSTEM 1.3 Technical Data For 4000 Lb/Hr Slaker Capacity 4000 lb of quicklime per hour. Operating Range 20:1 Slaking Ratio Approx. 2 to 1 water to lime by weight before dilution. Feeder Model 31-165 Gravimetric Weighbelt Feeder with 9-inch belt, off-feed alarm, load cell, and variable speed drive with 1/2 hp dc motor.